I am a nursing student.
I haven’t even become a working staff yet,
But I have witnessed so much already…
Pain… Suffering… Anxiety… And death!
And not to forget the Sadness that follows.One monday morning, we went to the Oncology (cancer) ward. It was nothing different, just the usual.
Beds covered in white sheets, patients lying on it,
Group of doctors deep in a discussion in a bedside,
Nurses bustling around one patient after another,
Attenders making sure the floor is sparkling clean.#Day_1There I saw a young boy 14 years old and was diagnosed with a relapse of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). His mother asked me if I could look after his son while she go and get breakfast for him. I agreed.After I finished my morning patient care, I went to the boy and we started talking. He said he was bored and I taught him how to make Origami crane. I told him that it meant ‘Get well soon’.#Day_2When I saw him the next day, his bed was full of paper cranes. He even distributed those paper cranes to us. One for his mom, one for his uncle, one for the doctor, one for each of the nurses… He even distributed them to his neighbouring patients.”Didi, will you be working in this hospital in the future?”
“Ummm… I haven’t decided yet. Why?”
“I want to be a doctor and work in this hospital.” He replied cheerfully.
That night I stood on my knees and prayed for his recovery.#Day_3He was posted for a lumbar puncture procedure (a needle is inserted to the spine).
“Are you scared?” I asked.
“No, I am used to it. I have been getting it my whole life.”
He brushed it off casually.
“Doesn’t it hurt?”
“Not more that my legs. I wish I can walk and run again. I miss playing cricket.”
“And what else do you like?” I changed the topic. I did not have the courage to give him false hope.#Day_4He was sleeping so deeply after the lumbar puncture procedure. His mother called me aside and asked, “My son will be healed, right?”
“The doctors are doing their best. And I personally will keep praying for him. And if it makes you feel better there are many others who had this disease but are completely cured now.”#Day_5He called me from his bed. He was as energetic as ever.
“Didi, is today your last day in this ward?”
“Yes, dear!”
“Will you come see me again?”
“I can’t promise you but I’ll try.”
“Oh..” He seemed disappointed.That evening, when I went near him to bade goodbye,
He smiled and said, “This is for you, didi.”
And there in his palm was a huge Origami crane sitting on a paper star.
“Thank you.” That was all I could say as I looked into his sparkling bright eyes.#Day___I heard that he got discharged after a while.
I was wondering if he can walk again now.
But then I got a message that broke my heart.Shantanu Baruah passed away on 23rd August 2019 because of a fall and severe bleeding.

-Ayesha Mochari


A song from a fairytale “A dream is a wish your heart makes” -Cinderella rewritten in a version of a modern girl ❤

I say, “A dream is a wish your heart makes”:
Not ones that come when you are fast asleep;
About spring flowers or wintry snowflakes,
Nor of being saved by a prince when you weep.

Dearest, “A dream is a wish your heart makes”:
A goal that keeps you awake and fighting;
Although you fail and your entire life shakes,
Hope to keep moving instead of plighting.

Because, “A dream is a wish your heart makes”:
Dares you to give all you got to reach it;
It’s not an escape from your troubles and aches,
But to battle with all your strength and wit.

Just believing in dreams is not enough;
To fulfill, you have to persevere tough.

-Ayesha Mochari


Having a hard time? As if the whole is against you and you don’t want to be here anymore? Tired of fighting against everyone and everything? Feeling hopeless?


Maybe this poem is for you…


I let the knife slice through my wrist,
All the sorrow washed in scarlet twist;
My life vanished from the living’s list,
The cruel world finally ceased to exist.

Little did I know my mommy’s pain,
Her life filled with my death’s stain;
She was bounded by regret’s chain,
Sadness ruled and smile got slain.

Little did I know my daddy’s guilt,
Blaming himself for the life spilt;
Every day he slowly begun to wilt,
His lost pride never to be rebuilt.

Little did I know my siblings’ reaction,
Their life scarred forever by my action;
They hated me for my selfish decision,
That ruined our family’s every relation.

If only I had given life one more chance,
Taken a deep breath and a better glance;
Maybe I would have had a stronger stance,
With my family against suicide’s dance.

-Ayesha Mochari

I hope everyone out there will think twice before ending everything not just for yourself but also for those who love and care for you.


Have you ever imagined how it feels to see your kinds vanishing one after the other? Or experienced the fear that you too are disappearing slowly but surely from the world never to be seen again?

This poem is about the endangered species Iris verna also known as Dwarf iris…. A fauna that has not only been considered important by the Native Americans but also revered by the ancient Greeks. It is the symbol of Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris.

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Amidst the pine forest, lie intricate purple designs on earth,
Her fragrance shrouding the early spring in its past mirth;
She mediates ‘hope’ through the rainbow while being so bereft,
Her violet garment depicts ‘future’ although she has none left.

She once guided the souls of dead to their final resting place,
Now she too is thrushed towards Elyssium leaving no trace;
She is calling out for help, to rescue her out of death’s brink,
Her voice barely a whisper, her being vanishing into the sink.

-Ayesha Mochari